Attention all Judoka: Are you sick and tired of skipping Judo training because of annoying injuries?

Develop a reliable, strong and agile Judo body so that will recover faster and perform better on the Judo mat. Systematically build an injury free body so you can perform your best on the Judo mat.




My name is Jonas Gaversjo and I have a very important message to share with you. For years I was training at the highest level in Sweden and competing regularly on the European Judo circuit. As a high level Judoka I know first hand what it is like being frustrated at your body breaking down and wondering whom-to-turn-to for injury prevention and recovery. Over the course of my Judo career I have battled with multiple health setbacks whic affected my physical performance both on and off the mat.

There were times where I felt so broken and injured that I lost all motivation to do Judo altogether, I almost gave up the sport.

After a number of years I eventually stopped looking for “a quick fix solution” for my injuries and decided to study a Masters degree in Chiropractic Science and learn how to fix Judo-related injuries for good.

Through my full time studies I learnt how to look for and identify the underlying causes of injury and dysfunction and how to correct these problems by focussing on a more functional body.

Get back to pain free uchikomi and randori sessions


Most people tend to address an injury or pain in the body without focussing what has contributed to the injury to begin with.

For example: many people address the issue of having a sore knee and only treat the pain. These individuals never discover that the reason the knee is displaying pain is because of muscular imbalances surrounding the knee such as tight quadriceps, hip flexors and glutes.

Over the past 10 years I have been working with Judoka as well as members of the public and I have created a system that will allow you the ability to injury proof your body so you can do the things you want to do without having to worry about injuries.

Introducing my 3 phase approach to Injury proofing your body


In my unique 3 phase approach I get you to start from the center and work outwards. Nearly every single movement you do in Judo originates in the center of the body.

If you can get your core, hips and shoulders functioning correctly you are less likely to injure a joint that is further away from your body. For example if your hip capsule is functioning correctly then you significantly reduce the risk of injury to the knee, ankle and toes. This is because you have corrected the limb from the source.

The same goes for the shoulder. If your shoulder is functioning at 100% then you are less likely to injury your elbow and wrist.

The greater stability, strength and range of motion you have in your shoulders, hip and core the more likely you are of never obtaining an injury during your Judo training or while doing your strength and conditioning program.

Phase 1: Core strength & Stability

Pietri-Kim-600x300Take a look at the picture on the right. This French Judoka knows the importance of a strong, stable core. He Doesn’t have a lean ‘model’ look. Hi core looks powerful, strong and stable – which is what Judoka need.



Phase 2: Hip strength & Stabilityer__z0z8396

Hip strength, mobility and flexibility is vital for all Judoka. In this phase I show you stretches exercises and movements that target the hip socket. These movements will strengthen the hip flexors, glutes and groin to ensure you can evade even the strongest uchimata.



Phase 3: Hip strength & Stability

90actShoulder stability, mobility and strength is needed to protect not only the shoulder, but also the elbow and wrist as well. With all the various shoulder manipulations that occur during randori it is crucial that your shoulders can take the strain. The movements will guarantee your shoulders will stay injury free for years to come.


The Injury proof for Judo package includes 3 modules:


Module # 1: Injury proof your shoulders

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the human body – which means a lot can go wrong. Couple this with the rigours of Judo training and competition and an injury is bound to happen.

In this Module Jonas gives your movements, stretches and techniques designed to not only strengthen your shoulders, but also give you a greater range of movement that will ensure your shoulders stay injury free.


Module # 2: Injury proof your Hips

One of the biggest problems that face Judoka is limited range of movement and flexibility in the hip capsule. With this module Jonas highlights some fundamental movements that target the hip socket and ensure your hips are loosened so you can perform an uchimata with ease.


Module # 3: Injury proof your Core & Lower back

Lower back injuries occur in judoka because they have a muscular imbalance between the core and lower back muscles. The movements in this module will ensure that you correct any imbalances in your body.

Once these imbalances have been addressed your core will be strengthened, stabilised and stronger than ever before.

I’ll even throw in these 3 bonuses free of charge


BONUS # 1: Strength & Fitness routines for Judoka

Strength and fitness is one of the most crucial components for both recreational and competitive Judoka. In this bonus module Jonas demonstrates a number of circuits that targets your overall speed, power and muscular endurance.

These circuits will not only have you gasping for air, but get you fitter than ever!


BONUS # 2: Training with Injuries Video download

In this bonus module Jonas outlines some great ways you can train around your injury. These things may include heat, stretching or ice application. He also covers the physiological aspects of injuries including bleeding, inflammation and repair.

This bonus module is a must for any judoka who wants to train around their injury.


BONUS # 3: Squat and Lunge technique video

As a Judoka correct squatting and lunging technique will help many of your Tachiwaza techniques including ippon seoi nage, kata guruma, tai otoshi and uchimata. Jonas explains how to do squats and lunges with perfect technique and he identifies areas you need to look out for to ensure you don’t injure yourself.

Download your copy for only $67 $47 $37


Start injury proofing your body for only $37



With this proven system you will not only injury proof your body, but you will have more fun on the Judo mat then ever before. If for any way, you don’t like my Injury Proof for Judo system then simply email me  at wholebodyjudohelp(at) and I will refund your money no questions asked.

I have helped hundreds of Judoka get into the best shape of their life simply by following my advice and proven systems.

Dedicated to your health, improvement and an injury free Judo career.

Jonas Gaversjo,  Master Chiropractor, Judoka & Coach









Each and every exercise is available to you to download in mobile-friendly formats so you can save the videos to your laptop, smartphone or tablet to take with wherever and whenever you want. This is great because you can follow along and do the exercises and routines properly at home, at the dojo or at the gym.


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